Welcome to the Digital Field Service Effect calculator by ServiceMax

This 5-minute value calculator will ask simple questions related to the performance of your service organization. It will then apply those benefits against achievements seen by our customers after the adoption of ServiceMax Field Service Management Software; resulting in an output of potential gains for your organization. Knowing your capacity for improvement is key to driving adoption of technology that will ensure your organization is best-in-class well into the future.

Digital Field Service Effect calculator

We’ve built this model to share the potential benefits your organization could see through the adoption of the ServiceMax Field Service Management platform. By providing accurate responses to all of the questions below, you will see the potential performance improvements your business may see based on the average results ServiceMax customers see in each area.

Once complete, click on the Submit button to generate a report showing:

  • Your potential gains across 8 different metrics
  • An estimate of the savings you may realize when you invest in a field service management solution

If you are unsure of any of the values listed below please provide your best estimate, however the results may not be an accurate reflection of the performance improvements your company may see.

Your answers to the questions will be kept confidential.

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